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Middle District Updates

View this post to see a PDF file of Fritz's Middle District Updates.

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In Alabama, Challenging Hidden Racial Discrimination

A federal appeals court has allowed fast-food workers to contest a state law blocking the city of Birmingham from raising its minimum wage.

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Evidence for Recovery of Alleged Preference, MP-Tech America v. Best Rental Corp.

The worst feeling in the world is getting paid on a past due debt, and thinking you are in the clear, because the business who paid you filed bankruptcy after they paid you; only to get a knock on your door from the Trustee of the bankruptcy estate, wanting to get the payment back from you.

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Are You Recession Ready??

I came across an interesting article on CNN.com discussing the possibility of another recession hitting the United States. Through my curiosity, I began to research and found at least five articles, all stating we may be in a recession between 2019 and 2020.

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Case Law Review – Predicting the Middle District of Alabama’s Position on Habitually Late Tax-Filer Exception to Discharge – BRC 523(a)(1)

In general, tax debts can be discharged in bankruptcy if the tax liability is over three years old at the time of filing bankruptcy. (BRC 507(a)(8)(A)(i)).

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Sears Filing Bankruptcy – Cycles of Disruption

In 1893 a relatively unknown railway worker began to disrupt the retail industry – almost by accident. R.W. Sears bought a shipment of watches from a wholesaler who was dissatisfied with the order.

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